About our process and why we are the best

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How Do We Do It?

We set up and manage marketing (SEO, landing pages, Google My Business) and/or ads on Facebook, this is the best way of getting you targeted visitors to turn them into buyer leads and at the same time as raising brand awareness,we can have them live quickly, usually within hours of final approval.

We have a proprietary way of getting targeted leads for our clients, with a focus on the cosmetic dentistry market, we know what to do and how to do it. What does this mean to you, the dentist, it is simply this, the best leads and the best ROI of any lead generation agency out there

Feedback and reports are done monthly, with a brief overview call, if you desire. We are always expanding our ability and you benefit as our client.

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Our Steps


Business Audit

Looking at your customer experience and narrowing down what exactly your strengths and weaknesses are, what your vision is, and what the next steps are to achieving your ultimate goal.  We don't do small, either go big or don't go at all! We want you to be a success, and we want to be an integral part to your practice.

Purest Clarity

Together we will build your action plan, and then produce the numbers that either match or exceed those goals.

The Strategy Geniuses

Where do you start, with the end game results! We just aren’t just getting you leads, we’re a part of your your business building strategy.

Success Matrix

Nothing happens without action. Action creates the steam and steam moves the train. 

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Top Concerns About Using A Lead Generation Agency


It's Too Expensive

Lead generation outsourcing will not be cheap, if you are using an agency that knows that they are doing.   However what is the cost if you don't use one? Look at it like buying money. If I said, "give me 1 dollar and in two weeks I will give you 7 dollars" what would you do? It makes sense doesn't it? That is what we do, 700% ROI is not uncommon and sometimes even higher

Cowboy Agencies

If every leadgen agency was top notch and true professionals, we would not exist. We are in business for the very reason that these so called agencies are around.r in the world was a stable, professional agency, we would be out of business. Our clients depend upon our knowledge of the industry and our experience with top marketing abilities to help minimize their risk and maximize their odds of success.

Outsourcing Stigma

Over the past few years, the media has attempted to make “Outsourcing” into a four letter word. However, we believe that outsourcing is not only good for our clients –it is the best idea for them. Get the experts to do your secondary business needs and focus on your core strengths, and have fun doing it..  We don’t run away from the “Outsourcing” term – we embrace It!.