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Over 90% of consumers read online reviews. Over 26,000 reviews are posted per minute. Negative reviews are not going away on their own. You must manage them (but hard with over 600 review sites) Unhappy customers are disproportionately vocal—some are even from competitors! It takes TIME to manage your online reviews—time you simply don’t have! So… how do you find all your reviews, address any negative comments, and get more positive reviews so you can build your business?   Maybe consider LeadValets, in partnership with ReviewInc... 


LeadValets Reputation Management Defender

1. The BEST Online Reputation Management Platform

Review Inc gives you all-in-one access to your business reputation.  The most common features include the following: Reputation Dashboard, Reputation Business Analysis Review Management plus LeadValets provides UNIQUE customization's. these will give you a faster, more tailored predictable review management experience. Features include:  

  • Top Admin for Your Reputation Administration. LeadValets provides access levels for every user, including unique dashboards per user type. Your company can have multiple team members. all with feature access that you manage. Plus, we include an optimized email system designed to pass through the spam filters. This is critical when sending thousands of requests to review your product or service. Whether nationwide, regional, multiple locations or in your local area with just one location.
  • Top Reputation Management Mobile Access. Other review sites provide a feature-poor mobile app, we are full-featured for mobile. There is o difference between desktop and local app.
  • Top Security Features. LeadValets provides secure admin access with full data encryption, double encrypted passwords. We also include the unique ability to hide the client’s names (within the admin dashboard and emails). this makes it one of the industry’s most secure platforms with full HIPAA Compliance. This will potentially will save you saving you thousands in HIPAA violation fees.
  • A stable review management platform. We track 24/7. Minimal 99.9% verified up-time, LeadValets, through our partnership with Review Inc is renowned for reliability.  Others can be down for hours, losing valuable reviews. You will be missing notifications and the ability to respond to critical issues before they cause damage. 

2. Best Review Monitoring for Customer Reviews

LeadValets performs the most thorough analysis of your online business reviews. this provides you with the most comprehensive view available today. You will be able to see a clear line of growth and productivity by utilizing tools such as:  

  • BEST Online Reputation Management Dashboard. Includes the industry’s most customization role-based dashboard.
  • Providing robust filtering by rating, time period, source, site, campaign type and more. You have the ability to re-arrange the layout to give you exactly what you or any other team members prefer.
  • BEST Business Reporting. Shows competitive rankings, ratings, and reviews over time. We can combine timeline reports, with customization rules, even showing if your listings are consistent in your local area. Plus, it has the ability to push out “Dashboard” like emails. This, in turn, provides everything you need to properly check and manage your reviews.
  • MOST Review Sites Reviewed. LeadValets monitors the MOST review sites than any other service. Think over 600 and counting, compared to our competitors at most of 250 sites. We ensure you have the widest coverage and reduce the risk of missing every review opportunity.

3. Best Way to Generate Reviews

LeadValets provides the most versatile online reputation management software with marketing campaigns and surveys designed around your local area business. Get more feedback which converts into reviews. Included are common features such as:  

  • Review Marketing. Customer-driven marketing which includes drip, review, and automated campaigns that are fully customization and timed perfectly. LeadValets, in partnership with Review Inc, have a Patent Pending Automatic Email Domain Correction that ensures that you are reaching your City area customers without error.
  • Visual Preview. A panoramic view with graphical charts (showing location, stars, positive responses, negative red flags, etc.) of your entire business review flow– all on one screen.
  • 26 Different Languages. Review Inc is the ONLY Reputation Management company that offers 26 different languages providing you unlimited global access for local City area and international business reputation management.
  • Customer Surveys. Fully customization surveys tell you exactly how your City area customers feel about your product or service—helping you refine your future products or services or fully address significant issues.
  • BEST Conversion Reports. The only review platform that matches review requests to actual reviews and generates a conversion report—showing the ROI for your efforts.
  • Net Promoter Score. NPS is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. It’s used as a proxy for gauging the customer’s overall satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

4. Best Review Management Software

Review Inc offers the industry best online reputation management within a fully comprehensive platform, it includes automated review alerts, with unmatched report customization (such as complex filters), the ability to resolve issues, respond directly to City area reviewers, plus unique features that automatically find review site links, monitor and even fix the broken links.  

  • Review Site Auto-Fix Link Management. Unlike other platforms that don’t find broken site links, Review Inc automatically finds and monitors review site links, plus it will also FIX broken links to review sites, guaranteeing that you will not miss your valuable reviews.
  • Issue Resolution Tracking. Includes an easy-to-use ticketing system within the platform where you manage negative review resolution, generate Issue Resolution reports and help convert your customer experience into positive reviews. Review Inc also integrates with existing support ticket systems and popular CRM platforms to reduce double entry and ensure thorough follow up.
  • Automatic Review Alerts. Get notified every time someone posts a review about your product or service, plus you can filter these alerts by source and star rating—so you can prioritize your responses and stay 100% current with your business reputation in your local area. 

5. Optimal Business Reputation Improvement

With Review Inc your City area business is armed with all the necessary tools to boost your business reputation and overall bottom line, including several of the best tools to optimize your overall reputation.  

  • Best Micro-site.  Unlike others that host a micro-site off their website (which generates SEO traffic for them—NOT you), Review Inc includes an app/widget that allows you to run the micro-site off your own site (optimizing YOUR traffic).
  • MOST powerful rules management. Pulls your best reviews together with the exact criteria that you select to maximize your reputation
  • Auto-disseminate testimonials. Your best testimonials can be pushed automatically to populate your micro-site, ensuring you always have the freshest content
  • Improved SEO. Includes a customization SEO Impact Analysis to see exactly where your City area company stands among its competitors and how to boost your ranking.
  • Includes Rating Stars in Google Listings. Review Inc is one of the few systems that can include your review “Stars” (5 stars, etc.) at the beginning of your Google search listings—this rich snippet technology provides a distinct attention-getter advantage (especially if you have good ratings in City area).

Plus, Review Inc is the Price Performance Leader. Review Inc provides the best features, customization, and results—for the price…as the industry price-performance leader.  

  • Packages can be up to 40% less than some competitive platforms.
  • Automated to Reduce Manual Labor Costs. It can save you thousands in staff salaries.
  • Unlimited Users. You can add as many team members to the platform as you wish for no additional cost (unlike many others that charge more for each user).
  • FREE Support. No cost for support- installs or updates.
  • Extended Voice & Email Support. 10 hours daily (8 am to 6 pm PST), plus a quick email response.
  • Excellent Support Library. Includes detailed videos, articles, and how-to guides plus more.

What is holding you back?

Now that you can see some of the advantages of Review Inc, what’s holding you back? Following are typical questions:  

  • Can you respond to sites other than Google and Facebook? Yes, by providing you the direct links to the review pages and managing your log-in credentials, we make it easy to log in to the review site and post responses.
  • How much time does it take to upload contacts? It only takes a few minutes to upload contacts if in an Excel file or CSV  format. This can also be automated.
  • Is it complicated to set up a review collection flow? No. You can use the default settings out of the box and most reviews will be setup.


You just signed up with Review Inc

It found your good and bad reviews—and a lot more than you ever knew. It was easy to respond to the negative reviews, and some reviewers have already changed their response. Your online reputation management software automatically sent out review requests to all your new customers in your local area —and you have five times as many reviews in as many days! You immediately set up the Micro-site and all the reviews you approve are pouring onto your website. Traffic and sales have increased with the extra reviews, your Net Promoter Score went up… and it was easy to manage everything–with Review Inc!  

Life is good!


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